New Year’s Resolutions or a Plan for Life

Over the next month or so, we will be making annual resolutions for the New Year.  Unfortunately, those resolutions will grow stale and appear unattainable by mid-January.  Often such resolutions lack a plan of action and a process of evaluation.

Ephesians 5:16 tells us to make the most of our time.  The concept of time used by Paul in this verse is not time measured in hours and minutes, rather it is the concept of the fix season of our life.  The span of our lives have been sovereignly determined a beginning and ending point and how we achieve our potential during our lifespan determines on well we maximize the time we have. So, how well are you maximizing the time that God has given you?

Several years ago I began a process of putting together my life story for my ministry portfolio by evaluating my life experiences (successes and failures), education (formal and informal), and giftedness and talents.  By doing this, looking to the future became a natural outcome of my life evaluation. During this time, I stumbled on the blog of Michael Hyatt in which he blogged a lot on developing a life plan.  Because I was tired of drifting, which is often the result of our New Year’s resolutions, I began to implement a plan for my remaining years in the areas of growth (spiritual, physical & mental), ministry, relationships (family & friends), and finances.  Michael has a free ebook, Creating Your Personal Life Plan. Get it.  It is free by simply signing up on his email list  The process that he will walk you through is invaluable.  This ebook will help you to:

  • Create a Life Plan by evaluating and planning key areas of an individual’s life;
  • Establishing a Weekly Review process in which your tasks and calendar agree with the goals of your Life Plan;
  • Stay on track with a Quarterly Review Process; and,
  • Use an Annual Time Block, a bird’s eye view of your personal calendar

Is this process perfect and without roadblocks?  Certainly not.  A life plan is a work in process and revisions are to be expected and necessary.  Depending on what season of life you are currently in, you will need to realign your priorities.

Zig Ziglar is credited for saying, “If aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Most of us are hitting this bull’s eye every time we take aim.  We drift with no intensional purpose.  Tired of drifting, tired of making those yearly resolutions with no results? Perhaps it is time for a change, perhaps it is time for a plan for your life.

Question:  What would an intentional written plan for your life make possible for you?

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